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ice cream summer outfit

from wildfox couture, i think it s not just a good styling, it even features my ice cream addiction…


carli dottore

poster design. theese poster is an artwork of carli dottore and were produced while interning at the historic hatch show print in nashville, tenessee. the ice cream print is hand brayered and hand burnished. i like the vintage style of theese artwork. if you would like to see mor of carli check out the webside carlidottore .


an ice cream illustration at allanpeters blog heeeeyyyy he might be into ice cream as well?

anyway i like the smart idea from diana quenomon.check out her webside and you might find some nice inspiration too.

bacon cream cone

click the pic to check allanpeters blog..



Rockin Jellybean

girls everywhere in the world of Japanese artist, Rockin’ Jelly Bean. Driving a style that mashes pin-up with pin striping, the ’60s with the ’70s, cheerleaders with custom car culture, and of course a fascination with horror, RJB lives a life of all he loves to illustrate.

for more informations check juxtapoz magazine

history of ice cream

that a wikipedia like link i found today it is all about ice cream history when everything was starting…

The story of ice cream begins over 3,000 years ago in China.Their cooks mixed snow and ice from the mountains with fruit, wine and honey to make a tasty treat for their rulers to enjoy when they wanted to relax.

what we do know about romans is that in 62 A.D. the Roman Emperor Nero wanted to eat snow ice cream so badly he sent slaves up to the mountains to bring back snow and ice so his cooks could make it for him. Nero’s cooks mixed the ice and snow the slaves brought back with nectar, fruit and honey and then Nero ate it.

In 1295, Marco Polo, a great adventurer, returned from China to Italy with a new recipe for making snow ice cream. His recipe called for mixing yak milk into snow in order to make it creamy. The idea of mixing a mammal’s milk into snow ice cream caught on and soon the rich people of Italy were enjoying frozen milk.

if you would like to read more abot ice cream history check out this -* page